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Here follows recent news about Cipher Brain (also availlable as RSS:RSS).

SMS solution

March 25, 2004

In order to be reachable anytime more easily, including by automated systems, Cipher Brain has developped a small SMS application. It allows to send SMS alerts, triggered by either an action on Cipher Brain site, or some automated processes (alert sent by a customer system, no message received from a system,...). Although the application is not completely finished yet, the basic functionality is already usable.

Of course, it is only availlable to registered users of this site!

Updated web site, again

December 16, 2003

The design of the web site has been updated, to use an even cleaner HTML, and CSS stylesheets from the tigris project. This allow for a better user experience accross multiple browsers. It does also respect the standards better.

Thanks to the people at for their good work !

RSS feed

September 9, 2003

Cipher Brain does now provide an RSS feed, more as a show case of what can be done with our base libraries than as a real source of information.

Implementation has taken less than 20 minutes in our PHP framework, thanks to the object orientation of the framework.

Web site enhancements

June 15, 2003

Cipher Brain web site has been somewhat enhanced

Although Cipher Brain can make the programs to power your web site, graphical design is not really part of our skills (but we have partners which are good at it). We have still somewhat enhanced the previous design, for clarity and standard conformance.

Our site is still XHTML 1.0 transitional compliant, but we have added some features, to insure accessability of it by most users:

  • Text-only access: users with text only browsers (like lynx) should be able to access this site very easily, with the full navigational capabilities. This also includes people using text-to-speach technologies.
  • Next links: the different pages have, inside their meta tags, a 'next' reference link. Some browsers can use them to propose a more consistent navigation from page to page. Netscape 6 and Mozilla in particular can have this feature enabled.

Cipher Brain is decided to continue to improve its web site, by incorporating new mature technologies that can ease access to information.

First anniversary

June 2, 2003

Cipher Brain is one year old today. After a slow start, the company is performing well, with more than 80% of occupation since January 2003.

We wish to thank our dear customers, without who we wouldn't exist. Be sure that you matter for us, and we'll do our best to continue to help you.

Improved web site

November 7, 2002

The code behind the web site has been updated:

  • Code has been unified between this site and the sites in development. Most of the code is common, allowing easy maintenance, debugging in one place,...
  • Code for easy on-line edition of news item. In fact, the framework is more general, and allow to have lot of different lists, like news, future projects,... and to add/edit/delete them easily.
  • Some object-orientation was introduced in this PHP code

In addition, the 'Curriculum Vitae' (section 'People') was re-written, a new animated banner was made,...

Convertion to XHTML

September 16, 2002

Cipher Brain web site was converted to XHTML, and validated against W3C validator.

XHTML is the future language for the web, fully standardized, easier to use by computers, much more strict than often used html, and still mostly backward compatible.

Cipher Brain wants to support standards, and hence was bound to make the switch.

First demo

September 2, 2002

The first demo of our first application was made to a potential partner. This partner seemed satisfied, despite the code being not yet finished.

The demonstration ran flawlessly, demonstrating the robustness of our code, even if it is still a draft and unfinished version.

Site running

July 22, 2002

The final database connections have been made, and the site is running.

The database is powering just the news section at the moment, but if new applications come, it will also power them.

PHP site

July 17, 2002

The site was converted from static pages generated by Perl scripts topages dynamically generated by PHP scripts.

The principal functions are

  • Code does'nt use frames anymore, to allow to bookmark any page
  • News section is dynamically generated, and updatable from the web
  • Redesign of some look elements

Commercial start

July 1, 2002
Today, the company has officially started, and can begin its commercial activities. A first contract was signed and executed during the beginning of July.

Base library design

July 1, 2002
Beginning of the design of the base library of functions for high availlability and reliability.

Company creation

May 16, 2002
Official creation of the company, in Belgium. The company now has officially a juridic personnality, can spend and earn money,...